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Oct 23, 2015

Companion Gear Now Purely Aesthetic, Companion Combat Stats Scale With Level

It was among the harder choices we needed to make, even though we anticipate it being one of the most questionable, we are still certain that this is actually the right call to create according to comments from gamers. But now you can make such a wise choice to buy SWTOR Credits in game.

The straightforward the truth is that, generally, the necessity to gear Buddies has ended up being much more of a cumbersome hindrance -- as well as a substantial barrier to Companion use -- than the usual supply of significant or satisfying Companionship and progression. The current 12xp experience promotion and also the Epic Story Boost only have introduced this problem into sharper relief. The SWTOR Credits can help you a lot in game.

Therefore, using the discharge of Game Update 4. In October, Buddies will no more gain combat stats using their gear Companion gear will end up purely aesthetic. This transformation does mean that gamers are now able to freely use non-modable gear pieces to decorate Buddies, without needing to be worried about subpar stats! This separates style and performance providing you with the utmost in choices for the way you dress your Buddies.

So far as Companion combat performance goes, all Buddies will have baseline combat stats that instantly scale together with your character level. Which means that whichever Companion you summon, regardless of how lengthy it’s been because you last summoned them, they’ll always have the ability to a minimum of perform in a sufficient baseline level?

Note: Despite the fact that Buddies don't gain stats from gear or you can buy SWTOR Credits to exchange your favorite gear. You will find still methods to develop their energy: This really is now accomplished because they build Influence, which we'll reach shortly.

We are likely to be getting rid of gear slots from Buddies that don't impact that Companion's appearance, as individuals slots no more serve any function. (Any gear outfitted in slots which have been removed is going to be mailed to gamers via in-game mail). Listed here are two good examples of the items this appears like within the Companion character sheet:

First, around the left, we've the adorable ship android Companion 2V-R8. Like an android, none of 2V-R8's gear apart from his weapon ever transformed his appearance, thus he only maintains his weapon slot and the Personalization slot (which all Buddies will retain).

Second, around the right, we've Vette. Vette is a good example of probably the most aesthetically easy to customize type of Companion: one which aesthetically expresses every outfitted armor slot. Vette maintains all seven armor slots, and has two weapon slots like a two-weapon fighter. You know that weapon is really expensive in game, so you can use SWTOR Credits to buy some. You will see that even Vette no more has slots to have an earpiece or implants, because these products haven't changed the pictures associated with a character.

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