Star Wars: The Old Republic Core World Changes (2)

Oct 14, 2015

Barring a few special exceptions, Heroic Missions no longer need to be turned in at an NPC or Mission Dropbox. On completion of the final step of a Heroic Mission, the Mission completion dialog will appear immediately in the field.

The first step of each Heroic Mission should give you a Heroic Transport item. Using this item (from your Mission Items inventory or the icon next to the task in the tracker) will transport you to a safe location near the site of the Mission.

While Heroic Missions may still be acquired from NPC’s in the field, you will also find a new Weekly Heroic Mission Terminal just outside of the spaceports of all planets up through Makeb. Accessing this terminal will allow you to easily acquire all the Heroic Missions for that planet.

Heroic Missions are now repeatable weekly and feature all new rewards!

New Mission Iconography Quick Reference:

Purple Triangle: These are critical path story Missions: your class Missions, planet story arcs, certain Flashpoint story intros, and more, including the new Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapters.

Gold Triangle: These are critical path side Missions along with additional ones such as the Missions to unlock Flashpoints.

Arrow Triangle: These are repeatable Missions including Heroics.

Star Triangle: These are the Exploration Missions, optional Missions on each planet that can be completed at any level. Access can be toggled on via a check box on the Map screen.

Exploration Missions: Instead of cutting the missions which are neither Heroic, nor area of the critical path, Senior Content Designer team have produced a brand new group of Exploration Missions. So you may need more SWTOR Credits to finish more missions. The opportunity to see or obtain these missions is disabled automatically, but could be toggled on using a check box into the spotlight screen. These Missions are symbolized with a triangular having a star alongside it.

Once triggered Exploration Missions will still supply the same types of credit, experience, and item rewards you are accustomed to getting, permitting you to definitely augment your progressing experience if you would like too. With this new level sync you may also decide on these Missions later without feeling greatly overpowered. Trust me, you will need SWTOR Credits and now you can buy SWTOR Credits on our web shop

Senior Content Designer Team’s goal using these changes was to let you gain levels within the Old Republic rapidly, by only needing you to view the primary story content out of your Class and every Planet. Obviously, if you wish to level through group content for example Warzones, that option remains too. Hopefully all of you enjoy all the changes we've made through the Old Republic in your journey from levels 1 to 60.

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