swtor: craft to be useful again

Oct 12, 2015

swtor leads comprehensive changes to the school, what changes, and whether occupations rewarded again, please look here.
more clarity, more use
with knights of the empire's fall do you have the opportunity, crafting system of star wars: the old republic with a thorough review. many people criticized that, over the years accumulated numerous recipes, which is hardly a benefit only the menus and met up in the search for the really useful way.
the first step in this process is the elimination of the current craft ranks. as before, the maximum level of 500, but new entrants must no longer all 50 points to a teacher to the next level, it can activate directly from 1 to 500 durchgelevelt. recipes are still the current teacher kaufbar.
so far unübresichtlich: crafting is understandable.
the second step is to increase the utility. professions are different than before, as a primary source of equipment are used and players the opportunity to establish itself suitable armor, for newcomers without great creditreservern, this was hardly feasible. therefore all the herstellbaren at least blue quality items. as a special bonus is also each rüstungsstück adaptive.
ending endless objects and old resources
another change is the abolition of endless consumption (as a paradox, as cybertech grenades and stimpacks. this is a new market will be created and the associated jobs back to relevance.
also, the player must adopt a variety of resources, in the context of the new system solutions. over 50 different materials are removed from the game, the whole to slim down.
sammelfortschritt and endgame
the pets are slightly pointed and the sammelmissionen professions faster to execute, they are often just a few minutes on the way. but that ends not: instead of a random list of handwerksmissionen to choose, are now available to all active missions for choice, so that it can be targeted to find desired resources.
the best equipment is equivalent to the operation of clothes.
for the endgame were also made: craftsmen get access to new recipes, with which they can produce equivalent armor, clothing from the story mode of operations. a necessary component is, however, on the personal eroberungsziele, there was another incentive to the conquest of the planet to participate.

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