FIFA announced eight reform proposals

Sep 14, 2015

Independent audit specification at FIFA Committee Xiduomeinike Scala yesterday officially announced the eight proposals for Fifa Coins the reform of FIFA.

The main contents Scala eight proposals include: strengthening the integrity and centralized review, the review will involve all staff members are currently serving FIFA Executive Committee and key sectors, as staff continents UEFA member associations and senior management positions; introducing term limits, the FIFA President, the Executive Committee members, the Secretary-General and other members of the Independent Committee shall be appointed for a maximum term of three (4 years per any); Board members elected directly by the FIFA Congress; disclosure of personal remuneration, FIFA President, Executive Committee members, the Secretary-General and the Chairman of the Independent Committee at least pay a personal detailed disclosure only face UEFA interior; large-scale reduction in the number and scale of the Standing Committee, the Committee of conflicts bear high interest must establish an independent chairman; FIFA member associations on all continents and the introduction of high management standards, the need to establish enough ethics and disciplinary rules; modify the World Cup bidding rules and procedures; the existing Board is divided into two parts, one in charge of strategic affairs and supervision, and the other is responsible for the administrative functions .

"FIFA's reform process is crucial to its future." Scala said. Meanwhile, FIFA said in a statement:. "Eight proposals for further reform of FIFA is very important."

July 20 this year, the FIFA Executive Committee FIFA publicly committed to Buy Fifa 16 coins further reform the internal structures and processes, and thereafter FIFA Reform Committee set up leading the reform process. Currently, FIFA reform measures have been implemented include: establishment of an independent ethics committee and audit committee specification, the FIFA Congress will be directly selected to host the World Cup countries (regions), without having finalized by the FIFA Executive Committee.

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