The Events of this Month in World of Warcraft

Sep 01, 2015

Even thought the summer comes to the end, this month, September, the World of Warcraft team still plans to host a series of events this month. Gamers can have much fun in this September! In order to gain more fun in game, you had better to buy WOW Gold for sale on the website.


First of all, let us have a look on the Bonus Events:

September 4-7 – Northrend Timewalking

September 11-14 – Battleground Bonus Event

September 18-21 – Draenor Dungeons Bonus Event

September 25-28 – Pet Battle Event

Now, let us have a look on the closest event, Darkmoon Faire Returns, the date is from September 6 to September 13.

According to the official news, the wondrous and mystical Darkmoon Faire returns to Azeroth on September 6. It I high time for players to gain test your speed and agility on a variety of racing mounts when you avoid the exciting obstacles and gain the amazing rewards and achievements. Gamers then will have the chance to experience a few minutes to be a kid again through going for a ride on the new Darkmoon Seesaw.

The faire continues to be one of the best ways to acquire heirloom gear, and don’t forget all of the toys, mounts, and pets that can only be gotten here. Get in that cannot! Remember to buy cheap WOW Gold on

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