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Oct 23, 2015

  • Companion Gear Now Purely Aesthetic, Companion Combat Stats Scale With Level

    It was among the harder choices we needed to make, even though we anticipate it being one of the most questionable, we are still certain that this is actually the right call to create according to comments from gamers. But now you can make such a wise choice to buy SWTOR Credits in game.

    The straightforward the truth is that, generally, the necessity to gear Buddies has ended up being much more of a cumbersome hindrance -- as well as a substantial barrier to Companion use -- than the usual supply of significant or satisfying Companionship and progression. The current 12xp experience promotion and also the Epic Story Boost only have introduced this problem into sharper relief. The SWTOR Credits can help you a lot in game.

    Therefore, using the discharge of Game Update 4. In October, Buddies will no more gain combat stats using their gear Companion gear will end up purely aesthetic. This transformation does mean that gamers are now able to freely use non-modable gear pieces to decorate Buddies, without needing to be worried about subpar stats! This separates style and performance providing you with the utmost in choices for the way you dress your Buddies.

    So far as Companion combat performance goes, all Buddies will have baseline combat stats that instantly scale together with your character level. Which means that whichever Companion you summon, regardless of how lengthy it’s been because you last summoned them, they’ll always have the ability to a minimum of perform in a sufficient baseline level?

    Note: Despite the fact that Buddies don't gain stats from gear or you can buy SWTOR Credits to exchange your favorite gear. You will find still methods to develop their energy: This really is now accomplished because they build Influence, which we'll reach shortly.

    We are likely to be getting rid of gear slots from Buddies that don't impact that Companion's appearance, as individuals slots no more serve any function. (Any gear outfitted in slots which have been removed is going to be mailed to gamers via in-game mail). Listed here are two good examples of the items this appears like within the Companion character sheet:

    First, around the left, we've the adorable ship android Companion 2V-R8. Like an android, none of 2V-R8's gear apart from his weapon ever transformed his appearance, thus he only maintains his weapon slot and the Personalization slot (which all Buddies will retain).

    Second, around the right, we've Vette. Vette is a good example of probably the most aesthetically easy to customize type of Companion: one which aesthetically expresses every outfitted armor slot. Vette maintains all seven armor slots, and has two weapon slots like a two-weapon fighter. You know that weapon is really expensive in game, so you can use SWTOR Credits to buy some. You will see that even Vette no more has slots to have an earpiece or implants, because these products haven't changed the pictures associated with a character.

The View of Guild Wars 2 Pro League and Legendary Weapons

Oct 22, 2015

  • Recently Guild Wars 2 has released the Guild Wars 2 Pro League and Legendary Weapons on the official website. Around the latest episode from the Guild Chat livestream, Game Designer Hugh Norfolk and Competitive Brand Manager Josh Davis had spoken with host Rubi Bayer concerning the lately introduced ESL Guild Wars 2 Professional League. GW2 Gold actually can help you guys a lot in game. Josh stated the Professional League have been within the works best for a while, which yesteryear 3 years of Player versus. Player history in Guild Wars 2 laid the building blocks. The competitive team wanted the PVP community to develop organically it's since end up being the quickest-emerging segment from the player population. Buy GW2 Gold on MMOGAA.com, the Guild Wars 2 Gold can really help you a lot on competition in game.

    PVP Leagues will mirror Professional League seasons and guild team steps later on, and you will see balance patches two days before seasons begin. The being approved matches for that first Professional League season is going to be locked in mid-November.

    Additionally, new sigils, runes, and stat combinations will be included to the overall game, growing the amount of potential develops in PVP for gamers who don’t get access to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns?

    PVP developments and enhancements continues within the live game following a expansion’s launch, and Josh and Hugh stated the competitive team’s intent would be to create an environment by which PVP gamers feel they've bigger goals to desire to outdoors from the in-game PVP League system.

    Next, Design Lead Linsey Murdock displayed the 3 brand-new legendary weapons slated for release soon after the launch of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. She shown their effects and talked about the tales in it.

    Astralaria is definitely an axe with different stargazing mechanism. Gamers that like to attempt the legendary journey to produce it'll study astronomy, seeking understanding concerning the ancient jotun race and creating a device to chart Tyrian constellations. HOPE is definitely an experimental pistol born in the research and melding of hylek alchemy and asuran technology making safe enough to be used only by adding a catalytic ripper tools. Nevermore is really a staff ingrained using the energy of the raven spirit that must definitely be searched for out and supplied with a vessel by means of a fortunate ravenawhich gamers will raise manually from an egg.

    Gamers who've stockpiled Gifts of Fortune won’t have the ability to rely on them to produce the brand new legendary weapons, but Linsey’s team intends to implement an approach to saving these to return all of the materials utilized in their creation. Exploring Central Tyria won’t be needed to produce the brand new legendary sets, although map completing the center of Maguuma zones is going to be. No new underwater legendary weapons will be included to the 2nd set. Remember that you can buy GW2 Gold here.

    You can view a recording from the livestream below, and make certain to look at Joel Helmich’s blog around the new action-camera feature he revealed on Guild Chat!

The Preview of Otherworlds Campaign: Chapter 8 in Dark Age of Camelot

Oct 22, 2015

  • According to the official news of Dark Age of Camelot, Chapter 8 of the Otherworlds Campaign has arrived in DAOC! Earn the new Otherworldly Necklace! Buy DAOC Platinum online can help you to gain more beautiful decorations. Now you can buy cheap DAOC Platinum on our web shop MMOGAA.com. Check out walkthroughs for the Prologue and Chapters 1-7 as well as the new Chapter 8 notes by looking at the Campaign Calendar image above or reading the lists below:

    After completing Chapter 7, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 8:

    Albion: Lieutenant Haley in the Otherworlds' Camelot Hills, Chapter 7 area

    Midgard: Arin Snowtouch in the Otherworlds' Mularn , Chapter 7 area

    Hibernia: Nara Manastrong in the Otherworlds' Lough Derg, Chapter 7 area

    Find the scout!

    The Otherworlds' armies have escaped for now. Uncover an enemy scout so your realm can track down their main force and destroy it once and for all!

    Earn the new Otherworldly Necklace!

    Gather more Otherworldly Ore!

    For those that are not yet ready to start Chapter 8, follow these steps to catch up:

    To begin the Prologue visit the following NPCs once you’ve reached level 50:

    Albion: Chamberlain Harlen in the Throne Room

    Midgard: Athr Hasetti Theyr in the Throne Room

    Hibernia: Seneschal Desmond in the Throne Room

    For those that have already completed the Prologue and are ready to begin Chapter 1, visit the following NPCs to continue:

    Albion: Lieutenant Haley in Lyonesse

    Midgard: Arin Snowtouch in Vanern Swamp

    Hibernia: Nara Manastrong in Bog of Cullen

    For those that have already completed Chapter 1 and are ready to begin Chapter 2, visit the following NPCs to continue:

    Albion: Master Burray in the Otherworlds' Lyonesse, Chapter 1 area

    Midgard: Master Hamis in the Otherworlds' Vanern Swamp, Chapter 1 area

    Hibernia: Master Zedde in the Otherworlds' Bog of Cullen, Chapter 1 area

    After completing Chapter 2, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 3:

    Albion: Master Raystan in the Otherworlds' Lyonesse, Chapter 2 area

    Midgard: Master Rarold in the Otherworlds' Vanern Swamp, Chapter 2 area

    Hibernia: Master Moore in the Otherworlds' Bog of Cullen, Chapter 2 area

    After completing Chapter 3, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 4:

    Albion: Master Mills in the Otherworlds' Lyonesse, Chapter 3 area

    Midgard: Master Engler in the Otherworlds' Vanern Swamp, Chapter 3 area

    Hibernia: Master Ernston in the Otherworlds' Bog of Cullen, Chapter 3 area

    After completing Chapter 4, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 5:

    Albion: Master Allen in the Otherworlds' Black Mountains South, Chapter 4 area

    Midgard: Master Tiorvi in the Otherworlds' Gotar, Chapter 4 area

    Hibernia: Master Iacobus in the Otherworlds' Silvermine Mountains, Chapter 4 area

    After completing Chapter 5, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 6:

    Albion: Master Locke in the Otherworlds' Black Mountains South, Chapter 5 area

    Midgard: Master Torgo in the Otherworlds' Gotar, Chapter 5 area

    Hibernia: Master Valentine in the Otherworlds' Silvermine Mountains, Chapter 5 area

    After completing Chapter 6, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 7:

    Albion: Master Sandy in the Otherworlds' Black Mountains South, Chapter 6 area

    Midgard: Master Cindy in the Otherworlds' Gotar, Chapter 6 area

    Hibernia: Master Mindy in the Otherworlds' Silvermine Mountains, Chapter 6 area

    Walkthroughs for previously released chapters will be added to the calendar as soon as each new chapter’s release, players only need to along with notes for the new one! If you need to learn more information about the DAOC walkthroughs for the Prologue and Chapters 1-7, you can also visit the official website of Dark Age of Camelot. If you need DAOC Platinum, please visit our homepage, MMOGAA.com.

SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Early Access Available Now

Oct 21, 2015

  • Recently Star Wars: The Old Republic official website has expressed welcome to players about Knights of the Fallen Empire Early Access. Senior Producer has released a public letter and said that it is indeed his pleasure to greet you to Early Access for Knights in combat from the Fallen Empire Digital Expansion. Since Knights of the Fallen Empire Early Access Available now, players must long for large amount of SWTOR Credits in game, do not worry, IGXE.com selling the SWTOR Credits as usual. You're the first group to formally start this epic new adventure, enjoy, and could the Pressure be around you!

    Early Access is really a special reward for individuals’ customers who have been as excited once we have to do with this new expansion that signals coming back to the BioWare story-telling roots. Admission to Early Access was introduced whenever we introduced the brand new Digital Expansion and it was an incentive for those Customers who have been positively activated from this summer through early October. Throughout all of individuals several weeks, active Customers also gained other unique rewards including the opportunity to have Nico Okarr as the Companion in-game! The SWTOR team expresses their thanks to the players for support and anticipates hearing players’ feedback around the epic new adventure introduced with Knights in combat from the Fallen Empire. SWTOR Credits price usually will increase when game is arising.

    For individuals who aren't a part of Early Access, get excited, when you are still getting use of a few of the exciting game improvements which come included in the update. You'll immediately observe that beginning today, October 20th, we've made large changes towards the game play around the core mobile phone industry's in addition to Crafting, Combat, the Cartel Market, and much more!

    For individuals jumping in to the nine episodic Sections of Knights in combat from the Fallen Empire, today, your character becomes the Outlander, an experienced from the Great Galactic War. Regardless if you are creating a new level 60, or ongoing to experience your overall character, you'll attempt a legendary story-driven adventure in which you options matter and also have effect on the way your story evolves.

    Knights in combat from the Fallen Empire is really a much deeper and much more personal story coming back to the BioWare motion picture storytelling roots. Hopefully that everyone loves this particular story around we loved creating it. For the team, this expansion was inspired by everyone, our gamers. It's about the hero’s journey and also the challenges that people face whenever we put down with that path. You had better to buy SWTOR Credits to well play the game.

    The Senior Producer of SWTOR said that On top of that SWTOR team have more great The Exorcist tales to inform within the Old Republic so stayed updated.

Ellis Mortimer

Oct 20, 2015

Pullan Yvonne

Oct 20, 2015

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Thackeray Adolph

Oct 20, 2015

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View of Collections Achievement Category in Guild Wars 2

Oct 20, 2015

  • Guild Wars 2 this year has launched the Collections Achievement Category in game. You can now buy GW2 Gold online like IGXE.com and I must expose you to the company-new Item Collections system!

    Item Collections is really a new group of accomplishments with new, unique rewards which are tied very particularly towards the finding of products and skins. Within the new Collections portion of the Accomplishments panel, there are also a number of new accomplishments. It might not seem like many to begin, but you will find a lot of hidden collections which will open while you explore the planet.


    Every Item Collections achievement has reward products additionally to achievement points. These rewards could be nearly anything! You will find numerous new items, quality recipes, and functional opens that may simply be found as rewards for Item Collections, such as the new Spirit Crafter back item, gained by finishing its namesake achievement. GW2 Gold may help you to gain more rewards in game.

    Unlock Types

    You will find 3 ways to acquire collections: automatic, discovered, and unlocked.

    Automatic collections are immediately available and visual for you whenever you review your Accomplishments panel. Fundamental essentials base group of collections, plus they function as something of the opening course somewhere.

    Beyond this initial set, you will find numerous discoverable collections. These will instantly become visible as soon as you collect something that's a part of that collection. For instance, if you are an enthusiastic dungeon runner, you'll most likely uncover several hidden collections at once.

    Finally, you will find collections that have to be unlocked while on an item before they may be seen or advanced. Go visit Rednax Youngblood in Lion’s Arch and that he may supply you with the coveted Collectible Spoon Box to begin your Koutalophile collection. This achievement is finished when you have found all Tyria’s spoon mementos. The majority is offered by well known suppliers to commemorate specific locations, however a couple of new spoons have discovered their distance to some very harmful locations.

    Collection Types

    You will find 3 ways a product could be collected. A product could be certain to you (with the idea to your character or account), utilized by you, or unlocked like a skin inside your wardrobe.

    Functional products are thought collected once they are utilized. For instance, opening a loot bag or consuming food. The food can be exchanged by Bound products are collected as soon as they're bound. So, should you loot a diamond ring that's bound on acquisition, congratulations, you have led for your collection! Should you loot a collectible trinket that's easy to trade, you now have the decision to make you bind it for your collection, or market it around the Buying and selling Publish to different hands on collector? Collectible skins are counted toward accomplishments the moment they become unlocked inside your wardrobe. Or also you can buy GW2 Gold to exchange the skins in game.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Updated Once More Ten Years After Launch

Oct 20, 2015

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 is arguably one of the best RPGs ever made, which is somehow enhanced by the fact that it's in the Star Wars universe. The developers from Aspyr have released yet another update for it, and it's a big one.Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 was initially released all the way back in 2004, and it was a great success back then, despite a few shortcomings with the end of the game. The game survived all this time in the community’s conscience, and it was eventually ported to Mac OS X and Linux by Aspyr Media. They had access to the source of the game and made a lot of improvements to it. One of the best improvements was the introduction of workshop support on Steam for the game, which meant that a mod that completes the crippled ending was easily made available to anyone.

    What's new in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2

    The developers have added user-generated achievements and fixed quite a few problems. There are even a few platform specific improvements, and it's worth giving it a shot.

    According to the changelog, 20 user-generated achievements have been added, an issue with Pet Rock achievement not unlocking in TSLRCM has been resolved, a crash that occurred when adding more than five mods has been fixed, some problems with Mouse Look have been fixed, and a crash that happened on Mac OS X systems connected to the M4-78 mod has been corrected.

    Also, an issue with the controller menu appearing on top of dialog screens has been fixed, a shader issue causing NPC droid eyes not to be illuminated has been corrected, multiple problems connected to DPI Scaling on Windows have been fixed, and a lot of other changes have been made.

    If you have this game on Steam, it will update automatically. You can read the full changelog below. Enjoy!

PSA: Star Wars: The Old Republic is a thing that you should play

Oct 20, 2015

  • It's almost the most wonderful time of the year: We're just 2 months away from Star Wars: The Force Awakens! I am on this hype train like no other hype train before it.

    But two whole months is a long way away, and the Star Wars: Battlefront beta is over. What can you do to satisfy your Star Wars cravings that you have in the deepest pit of your soul?

    You can play Star Wars: The Old Republic, that's what.

    Check this out:

    That awesome dude above is my Jedi Knight, Gaplus. Why "Gaplus"? All of my characters on my main server (The Harbinger) are named after Namco arcade games: I also have characters named Motos, Steel Gunner, Rally X, Ordyne, Solvalou, and Bosconian.

    The game itself has changed a lot since launch. Haven't played since then? Well, here's a short list of what you're missing out on:

    - More Planets!

    The Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion brought the level cap up to 55, and with it a whole new questline opened up on the planet of Makeb. See, Makeb is basically Margaritaville: The Planet, and the Hutts, being greedy bastards, are stripping the planet's core of precious resources. You need to go Captain Planet on their asses and wreck their shit.Shadow of Revan gave us Yavin IV and Rishi to quest about in, bringing the max level from 55 to 60. Revan is a paid expansion, but getting that gets you access to Hutt Cartel free. In addition to that, planets like Manaan are available for flashpoints and story missions.

    - A Whole New Expansion!

    This expansion is actually free for subscribers! Yes, TOR is free to play, but it really does benefit to be a subscriber, at least for a month or so. Try it out! This expansion is actually a whole new story, and not just some missions or raids put into the main game. The story ofKotFE takes place five years after the events of TOR, which means that everything is different. The whole world has changed: The Republic and Sith are basically destroyed by a new Empire, and you are thrust into it with a level 60 character. Apparently they're going to allow players to create one level 60 character right off the bat to experience the expansion right away, sort of like the Death Knight in World of Warcraft. That's probably a good thing, because honestly the endgame content is absolutely amazing in this game.

    Whew. Get all that? I said it was a short list.

    A lot of people dismissed The Old Republic as being a flash in the pan. Honestly, I think it's one of the best MMOs I've played in a very, very long time (RIP City of Heroes...)

    The campaign is actually a real campaign, not a "Go here, click the guy with the question mark above his head and read a text box" sort of questing that other MMOs do. All the characters are fully voiced by real people, including a lot of voice actors you will recognize: James Urbaniak shows up as a protocol droid in a Manaan flashpoint, Maurice LaMarche is in the Smuggler's opening chapters, and your Jedi Knight is voiced by David Hayter. Everyone's favorite voice actor, Troy Baker, shows up as Theron Shan, whose last name will be familiar to those that played the original Knights of The Old Republic. TOR has no shortage of awesome quests and dialogue.

    Now, there are referral links that people can send out to get people to play the game, but I'm not going to link mine because that wouldn't be cool. Instead, I simply suggest you check the game out for yourself, free of any sort of commission on my part. It's a great MMO, possibly the best one in recent memory. Bioware went the extra mile with this one, and with all the content available for it, you're bound to be kept busy until The Force Awakens arrives in theaters.

    If you do make a character, stop in the Harbinger server and look for the dude with a Namco arcade game for a name. I'll be around.

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