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About World of Warcraft

The worlds most popular MMORPG uses "wow gold" as its virtual currency and was released to the public at the end of 2004 to celebrate the Warcraft franchises' 10 year anniversary. Classic WoW started it all with a level cap of 60, and millions of players. There were long server queues as players raced to be the first to level 60 and raid with their guild friends. Within 3 years, Blizzard released its first expansion for the game called The Burning Crusade, which is now included free with the game. This expansion was followed a year later by the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, which added the Death Knight class. Two years later the Cataclysm expansion was released, bringing many more gameplay changes, the Worgen and Goblin races, a level cap at 85, and was released in 2010. Nearly two years after the Cataclysm expansion, Blizzard releases a fourth one.

Enter Mists of Pandaria, the fourth and latest expansion to grace the World of Warcraft franchise. Announced in 2011 and released in September of 2012, the MoP expansion brings multiple changes to the game and its gameplay. For one, a new race and a new class have been added, along with a new zone fittingly named Pandaria. As you may already know, the Pandaren race has been added, which to no ones surprise, looks like a panda. The new class has also been added, the monk class, which is a martial arts fist-weapons / hand-to-hand combat class. The expansion has a very "oriental"-like feel to it, with Pandas, lanterns, chinese-looking characters, and a welcome martial arts style fighting that the monk brings to the game.

Other great additions and changes to the game include a pet battle system, account-wide useable mounts and pets, and a brand new way of picking talents which is much more simplified. The new pet battle system is a creative form of entertainment and action where you use battle pets to brawl it out against other player's pets. You are able to level up your pets and unlock more pet slots, up to 3. Another awesome addition is account wide mounts and pets. On any character, any server, and assuming you have a riding skill, you can use any mount from any character on any server. The same applies with pets.

The new Talent system is quite different than before and players returning to the game should take some time to choose their talents again, and re-configure their action bars. The talent system now only allows a character to choose 1 talent around every 15 levels. You can only make one choice per row, with a total of 3 choices per row. This is completely different than the previous talent tree, but makes for a much more simple and easy gaming experience. You are still able to dual-specialize, and you can switch your talent specialization easily.

As World of Warcraft continues to expand and grow, players everywhere are realizing how easy and safe it is to buy cheap wow gold. When any new expansion releases it is much easier to buy the currency to get started on things like battle pets, a new mount, and to help power level your new monk to level 100 atever your reason, we here at MMOGAA are here to help you get what you want right now.

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WoW Gold Delivery Within 5 Hours Promises

How to calculate Delivery time: From ST delivery status to finish delivery status.
How to know order delivery: You can find your order status by after-sale in Live chat. Input the order email & order ID in Order Tracking on After-sale service.
How to get wow gold fast: Handling your order quickly while you using "I am online" to inform us of delivering WoW gold.
Delivery method: In-game Mail, Delivery via Auction.

Delayed Compensation:
1. Compensating 5% gold with your order delayed between 5 hours and 24 hours.
2. Compensating 10% gold with your order delayed over 24 hours.
Tips: Not including orders during game maintenance.

What need to be Noticed
1. Sufficient WoW gold instock for all server
We deliver WoW gold by Face to Face when you are online. Remember to use "I AM Online" function on our website. You can find the function button though clicking the after-sale of Live Chat. These is your order informations and the I am online button, click that and the delivery team will be noticed to send the wow gold for you.
We will deliver your wow gold by Mail In-game or Auction House if you are offline. You need to check your in-game mailbox in front of your home/hotal.
Tips: Pay attention to your Email box for we will update your order stutas by mails.

2. Insufficient WoW gold in stcock in the server
We inform you of when to deliver WoW gold by e-mail while there is WoW gold.
There is no compensation for any delay if we finish delivering your gold within 5 hours, after your order is accepted.
We will keep our promise about the compensation if the orders was failed to deliver to you within 5 hours, even if we had tried the best to finish your order during this time.
We will notify you the exact delivery time via message or email if you choose face to face as the delivery method, or you can pick up an available delivery time here. If you are offline when time comes to the delivery time appointed, we will deliver your gold by Mail in-game.
Tips: pay attention to your email.

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