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Tibia Gold

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400 K Tibia Gold USD$ 4.77
500 K Tibia Gold USD$ 5.64
600 K Tibia Gold USD$ 6.76
900 K Tibia Gold USD$ 10.15
1000 K Tibia Gold USD$ 11.27
1500 K Tibia Gold USD$ 16.91
2000 K Tibia Gold USD$ 22.55
2500 K Tibia Gold USD$ 28.18
3000 K Tibia Gold USD$ 33.82
4000 K Tibia Gold USD$ 45.09
6000 K Tibia Gold USD$ 67.64

When playing Tibia Game, players may need Tibia GoldTibia Items or Tibia Power leveling to make the characters more powerful, so find a best place to buy cheap Tibia Gold or Items and Power Leveling with fast delivery may help you a lot in the game. Here, at mmogaa.com that provides cheap Tibia gold online, you can visit www.mmogaa.com to buy what you need for your game. Any questions can submit to our 24*7 customer service center.

Recently, the Tibia Community Manager has claimed that Tibia team invites players to comment on the news article that they have mentioned on their website and encourage players to freely give feedback on the internet and share their opinion. What the community manager have mentioned are the loyalty points, reward, comment, outfit, starterkit, Tibia Coins, and short comments. Now you can gain Tibia Gold on our homepage,mmogaa.com.


Some players though it could be a good idea and show their desire to see the implemented finally. Many others are hosting a negative attitude to the loyalty points. Someone even though it is not a good idea because loyalty points are for old players for being loyal but the new players may be very comfortable. Others also said that it is not a way to earn more money and attract new players since gamers want to get rid of botters at first but not just scare them and force to stop botting, fix the vocs.

Gamer even claims that he cannot recommend the current state of the game to anyone because he considers that giving out loyalty points just makes it seem like a desperate attempt at getting more players. How about you opinions?

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