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  • FIFA 16 is coming! As the most favored way to play in FIFA series, the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team has raised most attention. However, for those who are the new to FIFA games, here they are the 10 quick tips we selected especially for the first days of FIFA 16, more tips will be continued in the following days.


    1.If you are going to buy this game, A good suggestion for you is to make a pre-order in the official store, on which you can get gold packs for free.

    2. Before you buy, take a few minutes to think which edition you choose. The standard edition is good sufficient for most of the players, whereas if money is not a problem for you, it’s better to choose one of the other editions.

    3. If you have an active EA Access subscription by your side, don’t forget that you have the privilege to play FIFA 16 for five days earlier.

    4. Don’t forget to redeem every single daily gift that EA gives you in the first days, that will help you a lot in the future game. 5. We suggest you to complete the 18 manager tasks as soon as possible.

    6. If you don’t mind spending real money, buy FIFA coins as soon as they are released. They are more valuable as time goes by.

    7. If you don’t have enough FIFA experience, watch the game tutorials, or game tips and practice more in arena.

    8. Even if you are an experienced FIFA player, let the ‘Trainer’ turned on in your first matches. It will be useful to get used with the new movements like the quick get up and the fake tackle.

    9. Use the 99 contracts item on a good player who you don’t plan to sell.

    10. Buy all the loan players items available in the EAS FC catalogue and use them.

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