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Online Description

Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC) is a famous online game, which published first time on Oct 10th, 2001. Dark Age of Camelot includes PVE (Player VS Environment) and RVR (Realm VS Realm). This popular online game told the stories about the old England. Players can experience the old kingdom as many kinds of professions. Players can join a group or take their own adventure by themselves.

Players earn experience points towards obtaining levels by killing both monsters and enemy players. Gaining levels yields new skills, abilities, and access to expansion areas. The current cap level is 50. Players could collect the equipments in leveling up trip. Or buy any items players need form others and NPC with DAOC plat. Yes, DAOC plat is the currency in DAOC. If you need more plat, MMOGAA can help you this that.

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